The sea for my room

I like The Museum of Modern Art, Hayama near the sea and the mountains.
When I come here, I can feel beautiful sea and mountains, 
modern buildings and art, so I can feel relaxed.
A picnic with the family looking at the sea is also amazing. 
My daughter are boring to see only museums. However, 
here is near Isshiki beach, so she can enjoy it.

I drew this sea of Hayama for my room. 
Such a large size I have never drawn. 
I would like to feel the serenity of looking at the sea of Hayama at home.

New paintings

My some paintings is sold in the UK online shop OEN.
The shop owner like my paintings and bought it five years ago.
Thank you for making wonderful page.
I hope that it goes well!

New painting "Cytoplasmic lipid droplet"

This is a painting of the cellular structure in the yeast.
I trid to express science by "art" like a painting.
There are many interesting shapes in the cell.
I thought that connecting "science" and "art" would create a new perspective.
Now my sister is studying the cytoplasmic of lipid droplets in yeast cells at the University.
There are many things that have not yet been elucidated for the study of lipid droplets.
I hope her study help someday for many people.

New painting "Round table".

This painting was purchased by American couple who are raising children.
I'm very glad to hear that his wife has been smiling all day because of my paintng!
Thank you so much!

Last year, My first baby was born.
Her growth is very fast, and I'm enjoying it!

New painting “Shelf"

New painting “Shelf".
I shipped this painting to the United States.
Thank you for purchasing, and I hope she likes this! 


I shipped this painting to the England.
Thank you for purchasing, 
and I hope he enjoys it! 

My brushes

I am using these brushes for 12 years!

Mjölk article of The Kinfolk Home

My painting has been published in Mjölk article of The Kinfolk Home.

Nathan Williams, "The Kinfolk Home -Interiors for Slow Living"

Milky white wood frame

Milky white wood frame.
It was pretty good.
I hope she likes this.

On a cold day...

New painting, “white stew".
She made a white stew for me on a cold day.

Small Office

New painting “small office”.
This is my wife’s work space.

One morning...

New Painting.

I shipped painting to Australia.

I am glad she likes my painting. 
Thank you very much!

This Painting will go to Hong Kong.

I hope she likes my painting.
Thanks for getting in touch with me and buying it.

Thank you for introducing me.

Mjölk is beautiful shop located in Canada.
Thank you for buying my painting and introducing me!

SALE at doinel Winter 2015

Drawing Mobile. 

IDÉE Original Lithograph Exhibition

I went to the fine-art printing studio "Idem" in Paris.
That was a very wonderful time!
Exhibition of the printed picture in Idem was held in IDÉE SHOP Nihonbashi.

Made in Paris: IDÉE Original Lithograph Exhibition
2014.11.21 fri - 12.8 mon
IDÉE SHOP Nihonbashi

a flower on the table

Table with Still Life.

a break time

Table with Still Life.

Thank you for introducing me.

OEN by Mark Robinson.

Handcrafted Contemporary Objects

SALE at doinel summer 2014

Objects of shopping bags.

Collaboration with Asako Yagi

I had a good good experience.
Thank you.

SALE image for "doinel"

I'm looking forward to the SALE !

a painting

I hope many people to see my picture.